Spanish Grammar Pack

Spanish Grammar Pack

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Introducing the Spanish Grammar Pack - an essential resource for upper-beginners and intermediate Spanish learners

This pack includes 11 audios and their transcripts that will help you refresh your knowledge of important grammar concepts. 

With this friendly and easy-to-use pack, you can practice your grammar anytime, anywhere. Listen to the recordings, follow along with the transcripts, and use the helpful graphics to reinforce the explanations. 

The grammar contents of the pack are:

  • Ser y estar
  • Presente de indicativo
  • Pretérito indefinido
  • Pretérito imperfecto
  • Contraste indefinido e imperfecto
  • Pretérito perfecto
  • Describir ciudades (grammar in context)
  • El futuro
  • Pretérito pluscuamperfecto
  • Verbo gustar y similares
  • El subjuntivo

11 podcast episodes, plus 35 pages of transcripts! So, if you're ready to take your Spanish grammar to the next level, get the Spanish Grammar Pack today!

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