Write Business Emails in Spanish

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Write Business Emails in Spanish

About Course

Do you have trouble writing emails in Spanish that are effective in a business setting? Look no further. Our course "Write Business Emails in Spanish" is here to help! 

We'll guide you through the process of crafting persuasive messages in Spanish, as well as teach you the names of the parts of an email and punctuation rules to avoid misspellings. 

To top it off, we'll also discuss the cultural differences between the United States and Latin America that could lead to misunderstandings. 

A course for intermediate Spanish students who need to write emails to Spanish-speaking companies. 

Enroll now and get the skills you need to write better emails in Spanish and be successful in a business environment.

Course content

videoIntroducción3 m 32 sFree
videoSecciones de un correo6 m 10 sFree
videoGuía: Secciones de un correo Start
videoGuía: Sufijos de países de habla hispana Start
videoEstructura y cuerpo de un correo6 m 58 s Start
videoSaludos y Despedidas Start
videoInformal versus Formal10 m 48 s Start
videoGuía: Formal versus Informal Start
videoQuiz 1: Prueba de la Unidad5 m Start
videoPuntuación básica5 m 15 s Start
videoGuía: Puntuación básica Start
videoReglas de Acentuación7 m 47 s Start
videoGuía: Acentuación Start
videoConectores7 m 39 s Start
videoGuía: Conectores Start
videoQuiz 2: Prueba de la Unidad5 m Start
videoConvenciones culturales7 m 34 sFree
videoProceso de Escritura5 m 3 s Start
videoAnálisis textual de un correo8 m 23 s Start
videoMuestras adicionales13 m 4 s Start
videoAdicional: Correos de análisis Start
videoWriting Emails in Spanish Start

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Marco Fierro

Marco Fierro

Spanish tutor and content creator

Course Instructor

Hi there! I'm Marco, a translator, Spanish Tutor and content creator from Chile, South America. With Latin ELE, the company I co-founded, I'm dedicated to spreading the beauty of Spanish to the world through videos, podcasts, and courses! I'm also the host of the podcasts Speaking Spanish for Beginners and Aprende Español con Latin ELE. When I'm not creating content, I'm passionate about travelling, music, reading books, and learning new languages. 

(1 Reviews)
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