Speaking Spanish for Beginners

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Speaking Spanish for Beginners

About Course

Latin ELE's Spanish course for beginners is the perfect way to jumpstart your Spanish language journey! This easy-to-follow course will provide you with the tools you need to have your first conversations in Spanish with confidence. 

With a friendly approach and engaging activities, you'll learn the vocabulary and phrases you need to communicate with native Spanish speakers right away. 

Grammar is explained in context, not through dull rules, so you can understand how language works in different communicative situations. Plus, the course is spoken entirely in Spanish, with captions available in both English and Spanish, making it easier to follow the videos. 

Created by a native Spanish speaker from Latin America, this course will get you up to speed with the accents you hear in real-world conversations. Don't wait any longer to get started - take this course and start speaking Spanish today!

Course content

videoIntroduction to the Unit32 sFree
video¡Hola! Your First Greetings in Spanish1 m 46 sFree
videoAnalyzing How to Use Greetings6 m 4 s Start
video¡Chao! Saying Goodbye in Spanish1 m 27 s Start
videoAnalyzing How to Use Farewells in Spanish2 m Start
videoGreetings and Farewells. Additional Resources10 m Start
videoPodcast: Summary "Greetings and Farewells" Start
videoPDF: Greetings and Farewells - Summary Start
videoQuiz: Greetings and Farewells10 m Start
videoBasic Questions for your Spanish Lessons7 m 44 sFree
videoPDF: Useful Phrases in the Classroom Start
videoSpell it Out! Conquering Spanish Spelling in a Flash5 m 28 s Start
videoObjects in the Classroom2 m 5 s Start
videoAdditional Resource. Useful Classroom Vocabulary10 mFree
videoUseful Classroom Vocabulary (Speaking Spanish for Beginners) Start
videoStudy Guide: Objects in the classroom Start
videoPodcast: Summary "Get Ready for Your Spanish Lessons!" Start
videoQuiz: Basic Questions to Ask in the Lessons5 m Start
videoQuiz: Classroom Objects5 m Start
videoQuiz: Spelling Exercise5 m Start
videoIntroduction to the Unit1 m 29 sFree
videoSay My Name!3 m 19 s Start
videoForever Young: Talking about your Age1 m 18 s Start
videoGive me your NUMBER, Por favor8 m 45 s Start
videoNumbers from 0 to 100 Start
videoSoy chileno, ¿y tú? Your Nationality4 m 22 s Start
videoSome nationaltities in Spanish2 m 17 s Start
videoMi Trabajo: Talking about Your Occupation2 m 54 s Start
videoSome Occupations vocabulary1 m 43 s Start
videoWhat is your email?3 m 43 s Start
videoHow about you? Asking Basic Questions to Other People3 m 2 s Start
videoAdditional Resources10 m Start
videoPodcast: Summary "Make Some Amigos!" Start
videoSummary: Personal Information Start
videoQuiz: What is the right question?5 m Start
videoQuiz: Enrolling in a language course10 m Start
videoQuiz: Las nacionalidades10 m Start
videoQuiz: Las profesiones Start
videoQuiz: Train your ear, personal information in Spanish Start
videoThis is my Life: Describing Your Daily Routine6 m 56 s Start
videoRegular Verbs, the Foundation to Conjugation in Spanish4 m 9 s Start
videoAdditional Practice: Regular Verbs8 m 6 s Start
videoStudy Guide: Regular verbs Start
videoIrregular Verbs, the "Black Sheep"10 m 19 s Start
videoAdditional Practice: Irregular Verbs5 m 2 s Start
videoStudy Guide: Irregular Vebs Start
videoReflexive Verbs, Take It upon Yourself!6 m 57 s Start
videoStudy Guide: Reflexive Verbs Start
videoLet's connect! Asking questions to people4 m 51 s Start
videoAdditional practice: Max's routine1 m 30 sFree
videoPodcast. Summary "¡Vive la Vida!" Start
videoAdditional Resources on Verbs10 m Start
videoQuiz: Regular Verbs5 m Start
videoQuiz: Regular verbs on Images4 m Start
videoQuiz: Irregular Verbs I10 m Start
videoQuiz: Let's practice verbs in present tense10 m Start
videoQuiz: Common verbs in Spanish Start
videoQuiz: Verbs on sight Start
videoQuiz: Train your ear with these verbs Start
videoQuiz: Train your ear (-AR verbs)5 m Start
videoQuiz: Train your ear (-ER verbs)5 m Start
videoQuiz: Train your ear (-IR verbs)5 m Start
videoQuiz: Reflexive verbs5 m Start
videoDescribing people physically8 m 26 s Start
videoStudy Guide: Physical Description Start
videoAre You Easy-Going? Describing Personality4 m 6 s Start
videoLa familia de Matías Start
videoLa familia es lo primero. The Family6 m 13 s Start
videoPodcast: Summary "Amigos and Familia" Start
videoAdditional resources10 m Start
videoStudy Guide: La Familia Start
videoQuiz: What is the right description?5 m Start
videoI like it! Verbs "Gustar" and "encantar"3 m 53 s Start
videoIt's not "yo gusto"?3 m 45 s Start
videoMe too! Me neither! Same likes and dislikes2 m 43 s Start
videoPopular hobbies1 m 50 s Start
videoStudy Guide: Talking about things you like Start
videoStudy Guide: Similar and different likes Start
videoQuiz: Likes and dislikes5 m Start
videoHogar, Dulce Hogar... Your Home in Spanish5 m 28 s Start
videoObjects in the house1 m 56 s Start
videoStudy Guide: Objects in the house Start
videoParts of the house2 m 9 s Start
videoStudy Guide: Parts of the House Start
videoWhere are my shoes? Locating objects in space11 m 38 s Start
videoStudy Guide. Prepositions of Place Start
videoMy city9 m 4 s Start
videoStudy Guide: Describing Places Start
videoPlaces in the city2 m 5 s Start
videoPodcast: Summary Episode "MI casa es su casa" Start
videoAdditional Resources10 m Start
videoQuiz: Describing places20 m Start
videoReady to Take Your Spanish to the Next Level? Here's How!11 m 38 s Start
videoResources Mentioned in the Video Start
videoHelp us improve the course Start

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Marco Fierro

Marco Fierro

Spanish tutor and content creator

Course Instructor

Hi there! I'm Marco, a translator, Spanish Tutor and content creator from Chile, South America. With Latin ELE, the company I co-founded, I'm dedicated to spreading the beauty of Spanish to the world through videos, podcasts, and courses! I'm also the host of the podcasts Speaking Spanish for Beginners and Aprende Español con Latin ELE. When I'm not creating content, I'm passionate about travelling, music, reading books, and learning new languages. 

(7 Reviews)
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