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Welcome to Latin ELE Teaching Platform

Where learning Spanish has never been more engaging and effective! With our courses and digital products, you'll be able to build your understanding and fluency in the language in no time.

Created by professionals from Latin Americaand designed to prepare you for real-life situations, our materials provide a unique learning experience that's interactive, fun, and personalized to your needs. Whether you're planning your next trip to Latin America or simply enriching your cultural knowledge, we have everything you need to succeed..

So come explore our courses and see for yourself how we can help you achieve your language learning goals!

Our Experts

Վիկտորիա Մալայան


Spanish Teacher

¡Hola! I'm an enthusiastic Spanish teacher passionate about making my language accessible to everyone. When I'm not teaching, I love to travel and play electric guitar.

Դանիելա Մարգարյան


Phd. in Linguistics

I've been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for over 10 years in different language institutions. In my free time, I love to paint, play with my cats and read. Have fun learning Spanish!

What our Students Say

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I really like this course. It is all in Spanish, which I like. He speaks very clearly and at a good speed for beginners. The content is useful. I like the graphics. This course is great, just like his podcasts! I highly recommend it.

Մարի ԴարդանյանKim C.

I like Marco's pace and teaching style. I like this video course and also the podcast, its great for learning in the car when its hard to find the time to sit down properly and watch a lesson. I like that this course is fully in Spanish. I like to watch each video twice, once with Spanish subtitles to see if I can follow it, then listen again with english subtitles to check how much I was able to follow and pick the words that I couldn't.

Վանեսա ՄունանյանMelanie A.

Instructor was detailed in his explanation. Learning hints are very helpful. Use of videos helped in remembering vocabulary. The pace of the each section was just right. Excellent job!!

Մարիա ՎարդանյանPaulette W.

simple and clear and easy to follow

authorMicah P.